The Best care for your Best Friend - Company Message
We offer great, safe walks in Northamptonshire.
A maximum of 4 dogs will be walked at one time, which allows the opportunity for  socialisation and stimulation, whilst ensuring that each dog gets the level of individual care and attention that they deserve. 
Walks can either be an on/off lead and we will discuss and agree this during the free consultation and will only move to walks off the lead when we are happy that the dog will happily return and it is safe to do so. We chose our walk locations to ensure that dogs have as much stimulation and fun as possible, and have a range of regular places that we visit that we know fits this bill in the scenic Northamptonshire countryside which surrounds out.
Wherever possible walks will be using footpaths across open fields in the lovely Northamptonshire countryside where your dog can enjoy the maximum amount of space, whether they are on or off the lead.  
All our walks can are for1 hour,  and collection/delivery is included in the price. There are 3 time slots available for walks, either Morning, Afternoon or Early Evening. If you have any other requirements please let us know and we can discuss these with you.  
We walk dogs in all weathers and will ensure that your dog is clean when returned and when we settle them back home following their walk, we will refresh water and give them any food and treats as requested, to ensure that they are comfortable and happy until you return home. 
When taking your dog for to a great location for a stimulating and rewarding walk,  collecting or delivering for home boarding or undertaking transport services, we use our professionally modified Dog Van, ensuring the highest standards of safety and comfort, including fully fitted transportation cages with water bowls and ventilation. Each cage is fitted with it's own water bowl, so your dog will never go thirsty.
If you need transport for your dog to either a groomer, vets or any other location, please give us all call.
We operate mainly within the Northamptonshire area, but if you have a need for a longer journey, please give us a call to discuss your needs and we can provide a quote.
Potential Help for Disabled Customers
If you qualify for Disability Living Allowance or other types of disability related benefits, you may be eligible for free or discounted dog walks, as we understand that our fees may be able to be claimed back from the Government.
However we are not benefits experts, so please seek advice on this matter before starting any services with Ridge Rovers, as there may be clauses and conditions that apply.
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