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Goodbye Dawson
Goodbye Ben
Sad news
Goodbye Rusty My Old Mate
Blogging for Beginners!
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Goodbye Dawson

I had some bad news recently when one of our regulars Dawson a lovely natured 10 year old Spaniel passed away. He used to come to our place regularly over the past few years with Megan another Spaniel who always used to keep him in check. Dawsons owners Glenn and Karen were obviously heartbroken to lose him and we will miss him very much.

Goodbye Ben

Sad news that we've said goodbye to another one of our regular dogs.

Ben was a lovely Black Labrador who we first looked after in 2011 when he was already a 12 year old gent.

He was so well looked after though by his owners Pete and Barbara  he saw another 3 years before he finally sadly left us a few weeks ago.

We will miss Ben very much but his time had come and he had enjoyed a very good life and we have great memories of him over the last 3 years.

Goodbye Ben

Pete and Sian

Sad news

Some really sad news about Woody, a big brown Labrador and one of my first, most regular and loved dogs, along with his best mate Olly, a yellow Labrador.

Woody was a big brown bear of a dog with a way of looking at you that made you think he had done something naughty, even though he hadn't. He was in good shape with no health issues, it was Olly who was older who was on tablets for his legs and who was slowing down a bit as the years wore on.

But Woody was taken seriously ill last week, and despite all efforts by John and his family and their vets to save him, they could not and he was put to sleep.

Goodbye Rusty My Old Mate

This week I said a sad goodbye to my first customer, Rusty, from Earls Barton.
Rusty is still around, but he is not well enough now to come out for our long walks around Sywell Country Park, and will spend his days pottering around the house and the garden.
I'll miss him, a quiet, good natured and placid cross breed, who I spent many happy hours with.
Thanks to Emma and Pete who helped get my business of the ground 2 years ago now, and I wish them and Rusty all the best for the future.

Blogging for Beginners!

Write your post here.
Well you can probably tell that I am a bit of a dinosaur, in terms of my last blog, but my delayed NY resolution is to blog more in 2012.
As my customers and potential customers are clearly already members of the dog loving community, I know it won't surprise you to report that the outdoor conditions were something of a challenge during the cold snap, and it is a relief to return to zero plus temperatures!
We are looking forward to the daffodils, hopefully for March 1st which is St Davids Day, as the wife is half Welsh, and it is a lovely reminder of her late Dad when they appear.

Rain Man....

Well, it is not the best time of year to be in the
"great outdoors"and I am covered head to foot in waterproofs, but spending my time with such a wonderful  set of dogs as makes it all worthwhile.
This last week I have a new friend called Hans, a fantastic natured
dog who can cover the ground like Usain Bolt when chasing a ball
over at Bradlaugh Fields!
Missy, one of my regulars, a 13 year old Collie, who looks so good for her age she could teach Helen Mirren a trick or two, does her best to keep up, but does not quite make it to the ball ahead of Hans, despite her best efforts, so gets extra fuss to compensate!

A very sad day

Most of the time looking after dogs is a fun and rewarding experience, however this was not the case a few days ago, although I hope that I did help someone through the day that all dog owners dread....
I recieved an urgent call from a local groomers who I provide transport for, as a 11 year old alsation collie cross had been taken suddenly very ill.
I collected "Lucky" who was adorable but clearly had a serious problem as she had could not stand at all on her back legs. However she had a lovely nature and was very calm as I carried her to my van.

Pete's Dog Tails

Welcome to the Ridge Rovers Dog Walking Blog; Pete's Dog Tails!
I am Pete Ridge, owner, manager, primary carer and general "dogs body" of Ridge Rovers, and I look forward to sharing my experiences doing what I love for a living, helping dog lovers ensure that their dogs get the best out of life!
On that subject..........
Lifelessons learned from a dog 
  • If you stare at someone long enough, eventually you'll get what you want.
  • Don't go out without ID.
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